Sonnet For Transmutation, Action, Spectacle, Summer 2023

Are We There Yet, Cleopatra The Alchemist, Letter From Nyx, Listicle For The End, The Shoutflower, Issue 3, Spring 2022

Bills Of Mortality, Seneca Review, Fall 2021, Vol. 51, No. 2

This Is Not A Sonnet For Your Silence, Portland Review, June 2021

All My Ancestors, Epiphany, Fall/Winter 2020

When Hogs Carry Sticks In Their Mouths It Is A Sign Of A Change In The Weather, and Ode To The Virus, The Shoutflower, Issue 1, October 2020

Bodies In Strange Form, In Sorry Plight; Climate Migrant; Desert, Cold Mountain Review, Spring / Summer Issue 2020

Took Girl, New South Journal, Spring / Summer 2020

To Our Sister, Lately Of Pittsburgh, The Scores, Issue 8, Summer 2020

My Crone (Jewish Penicillin), Small Orange Journal, April 2020

Lindisfarne, Portland Review, March 2020

Becoming Animal, Frontier Poetry, February 2020

Little Ice Age, TIMBER JOURNAL, Issue 10.1, Winter 2020

The Last Twins of Ultima Thule, and Oaths And Execrations, super / natural : Art & Fiction For The Future, November 2019 

Submarine, So To Speak, Summer 2019

Evolution, American Chordata Issue 9, Summer 2019

The Saintmaker, The American Journal of Poetry, Issue 6

Venus As A Boy, Slice, Issue 18

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